Smooth start-up of four Valmet Hybrid machines at Vinda in China

Mar 30, 2022

Vinda is a leading supplier of hygiene products in Asia. To improve their market position they have invested in four Hybrid machines to produce ultra-premium quality tissue products at a significant lower energy costs than other mature structured tissue technologies.

All four tissue machines started up in a period of five months. The first start-up went very well, and the following exceeded all expectations, including an incredible milestone achieved with paper on reel just about 20 min after stocking-on for first time and producing directly a 3 meters jumbo roll.

The new lines have a capacity to totally add 150 000 tons to Vinda’s current production.

“We are very satisfied with Valmet’s expertise and confident that the hybrid technology will contribute to our growth in the tissue market. The paper quality is meeting our expectations and we are convinced the technology will enable further product development and market differentiation in the future” says Liang Weixiong, Project Director, Vinda

Vinda’s new hybrid machines will ensure sustainable production of high-quality tissue products.

“I am amazed how smooth we managed to get these machines up and running. TM 3 produced the first jumbo roll of sellable paper within the first hour. Thanks to great teamwork and good preparations from Vinda it became a pure success” says Stefan Ziegel, Valmet project manager

The Valmet start-up team