Hayat Kimya´s seventh tissue machine up and running

Apr 17, 2019

The Turkish supplier Hayat Kimya´s latest tissue production line in the Russian paper mill Yelabuga in Tartaristan, was successfully launched in December 2018. Start-up of the Valmet Advantage DCT 200TS machine (TM7), went very smooth, which was a result of the fact that everyone involved worked together and collaborated well with all the teams. The machine is now running according plan, producing more than 220 t/h high quality tissue at a speed of 2100 m/min.

Hayat with their seventh Valmet tissue machine

We have trust in each other and the cooperation with Valmet is excellent and secure. 

During the commissioning we worked together as one team to solve any issues that came up and succeeded to startup on schedule. The performance guarantees level was achieved after a few days and performance was fulfilled after six weeks, which is far better than we could foresee.” says Lütfi Aydin, Director, Paper Group, Hayat Kimya.

A familiar relation grounded on a long rewarding history together
One reason why the collaboration between the Valmet and Hayat teams works extraordinarily well, is their longstanding history. ”Our joint projects usually have smooth start-up´s, good communication and goals that are achieved. Over the years we have come to know each other very well. We have many similarities, we get things done, we work hard, and we are loyal and results oriented. Together we have developed our processes, collaboration and machines. It has become a strong, fruitful and successful working relationship”, says Rolf Tellack Project Manager at Valmet Tissue BU.

Linnea Bjergestam, Project Manager at Valmet Tissue BU, chimed in: 


An additional reason why the start-up for TM7 went so smoothly and led to a successful delivery is that Valmet had prepared and did a thorough job with the pre-assembly. A significant start to continue a successful project.”

Rolf and Linnea continue: “The work is always inspiring with Hayat Kimya. They are real professionals and have a clear strategy and well thought out plans. Investing in TM 7 is one result of that plan and in line with their long-term strategy. They have the courage, determination, patience and endurance to enter politically and economically volatile markets. They manage to succeed and carry out large projects in various parts of the world with different cultures. Further, they are very good vendors and have managed to increase sales significantly in the countries they do business in.”

Collaboration in seven different projects
Hayat has chosen Valmet as the supplier for all their tissue machines, except their first, and we have since, had the pleasure of working together on seven different projects. The latest investment, TM7, is the second tissue line in Yelabuga, Russia. With good experiences from Yelabuga’s first tissue machine, Hayat decided to order another. The two machines are equipped with the flexible Advantage ViscoNip press and extensive automation packages. They are also optimized for low energy consumption and improved product quality.

Heavy expansion in manufacturing high-quality tissue products in Russia
Hayat has a target to grow and raise the tissue quality standard to meet the Russian market´s increased demands. With Yelabuga´s two tissue lines the company has been able to just, in a few years, expand heavily in the manufacturing of high-quality tissue products in Russia. Investing in TM7, increases Hayat´s current Russian production of facial, toilet and kitchen towels by 70,000 tons up to a total of 140,000 tons. 

In addition to the two Advantage DCT machines for Russian Yelabuga, Valmet has previously delivered five Advantage DCT 200TS machines to Hayat. They have been installed in Turkey in 2010 and 2015, Iran in 2013, Russia in 2014 and Egypt in 2016. Valmet has also accomplished an extensive rebuild of their TM1 in Turkey in 2015. 

Information about Hayat Kimya
Hayat Kimya A.S. is part of the Hayat Group. The Hayat Group primarily operates in the home care, hygiene and tissue categories for the consumer goods industry. Hayat has continued to invest significantly, since their entrance into the tissue business 13 years ago. The Group carries "The Largest Tissue Manufacturer of Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe" title with 490,000 tons production capacity/year.

More information: 
Björn Magnus, Sales Director, Tissue Mills business unit