Valmet AB taking the next step in digitalization- investing in an automated warehouse solution

Sep 10, 2021

Valmet is taking another step forward in digitalizing the operations. Valmet AB are now investing in an automated warehouse Agilon solution from Konecranes for the production plant facilities in Karlstad, Sweden.

Valmet AB is stepping into the world of automated warehousing and material handling. Digitalizing the operations is an important step in Valmet’s digitalization journey and will help us improve in serving our customers. This automated solution will give broad insight into, and quick access to the materials. The system will help the production workers to have easy and safe access to materials around the clock in an energy-efficient and fully traceable way.

A more efficient workflow 
Thanks to the investment, it has enabled a better utilization of floor space and all goods will be stored in one place, with one loading dock instead of in several different loading docks and warehouses.

Krister Sigrén, Manager In-house Logistics explains the benefits:

“This will reduce the amount of forklift usage, save us time on collecting goods and enable a safer and more efficient workflow. This also allows employees to easier utilize materials without any intermediaries.”

” We are looking forward to step into an automated logistic system that will strengthen our operational efficiency and improve the utilization of floor space. It will also support our work to ensure a safe work environment for our employees as well as contribute to enforce our competitiveness” says Malin Kilian, Director Tissue Machine Technology Unit. 

Securing the quality
The fully automated handling of all goods reporting will secure the quality in the sense that it eliminates the sources of error that exist today with the manual handling. The inventory balance will be both more reliable and available.

“We are very proud to have been entrusted to boost Valmet AB internal logistics and material handling of all the small items and materials. The collaboration underlines Konecranes' strong commitment to helping customers and industries become more efficient, sustainable and secure through investments in digitization and technology," says Mikael Johansson, Sales Manager at Konecranes Agilon.

In place end of year 2021
The order includes one 30 meters long and 5,1 meters high Agilon system with 2 user access points, and the system will be integrated in the ERP-system.

The delivery and installation will take place in the end of year 2021 and includes a full-service agreement on the system with the possibility of technical support that provides predictive maintenance and 24/7 remote customer service.