Valmet-supplied gasification plant inaugurated at Göteborg Energi's GoBiGas in Sweden

Aug 19, 2015

The Valmet-supplied gasification plant at GoBiGas (Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project) was inaugurated on March 12, 2014 in Gothenburg.

Göteborg Energi GoBiGas The plant was commissioned in late 2013 and will produce gas by gasifying forest residues and wood pellets. The produced gas is similar to natural gas and will primarily be used in the transport sector with the goal to switch from fossil fuel to biofuel. The new plant is first of its kind in the world.

Johanna Lindén, Valmet's Director of Scandinavia, Energy, underlines the advantages of the chosen technology: "The indirect gasification generates high-energy gas with high heating value that can be mixed with natural gas. This makes it possible to replace a lot of today's fossil transportation fuel by fossil-free fuel in gas powered vehicles."

 "We are proud to be the first to inaugurate a gasification plant for production of high quality biomethane and we hope to see many followers. The journey has been interesting, challenging and complicated but in good company," comments Åsa Burman, CEO of GoBiGas project, Göteborg Energi.

The GoBiGas gasification process

The biomass is gasified in a process called "indirect gasification" developed by the Austrian company Repotec. Valmet is handling the engineering work for the gasification plant in Gothenburg with a license from Repotec.

Gasification takes place in a separate reactor and heat is transferred from a combustion chamber by circulation of hot bed material, i.e. indirect gasification. Biomass is fed into the gasifier where it, on contact with the hot bed material, undergoes thermochemical decomposition. After the cleaning and methanation, the gas is imported to the natural gas supply and is used in Göteborg Energi's power plant.

Because of the high quality, the biomethane can be fed to the existing distribution grid, where it is mixed with natural gas. Combining a gasification plant using biomass as fuel and a methanation plant is unique in the world.