Supporting Valmet projects globally – Summer in Procurement site works and services

Aug 17, 2022

Jenni Sammaljoki

This year I got the possibility to work as a Valmeteer and I took it! I began my summer in May 2022 as a Supply chain trainee. My team is working with Site works & Services and that means we are supporting Valmet projects globally. My main tasks during this summer have been coordinating Valmet’s subcontracted resources outside the EU and checking Valmet’s supplier evaluation process in our category.

The most joy during summer has been brought by warm team spirit and being in the office. Meeting new people face to face and having my own desk at the office feels great after a long time of remote studying. And of course, the food is delicious here in our Tampere office! Every Thursday we have pancakes that I can’t resist.

Since this is my first time working at Valmet, I have been surprised by the differences in days and how well it is possible to see what goes on and get a glimpse of how the organization works. In our team, every day is different, and we have new challenges to solve daily. I would describe this summer job as a lookout spot from where you can see what is happening in different business lines and teams. I have gotten to know many people from different teams and that has been inspiring.

As an industrial engineering and management student, I feel confident that I have chosen the right study field for me. It is very inspiring to see the different career paths and vast possibilities Valmet offers. During this summer, I have been able to use all my strengths: teamwork, problem-solving, systematic approach, and project work. Valmet offers lots of possibilities for students, and I am hoping to write my Master’s thesis in collaboration with Valmet in the future. I know everyone encourages you to be yourself and go towards your own interests and sometimes it may sound a cliché. I have noticed that people are really welcoming and encouraging here at Valmet and from my experience, I think Valmet offers great opportunities for finding your strengths and going towards your career dreams.

So far, I have learned a lot and I can't wait to see what's still ahead!

Jenni Sammaljoki

Summer Trainee, Site works and services