Valmet launches first-of-its-kind DNA Alarm Dashboard

Sep 12, 2018

Valmet DNA Alarm Dashboard is a web-based alarm analysis tool that allows the ship’s crew to see key alarm metrics at a glance. On a large ship, the advantage of detecting and locating problems quickly enhances the safety for passengers and crew onboard the vessel.

Designed using modern user-experience principles and minimal set-up, Valmet DNA Alarm Dashboard complements Valmet DNA Operate and can be used in any location with any device, for example a tablet. The data already available in your ship’s system is shown in visual format that is easy to interpret.

Valmet DNA Alarm Dashboard consists of two pages: Alarm KPIs and an Alarm treemap. Alarm KPIs present the overall status of the alarm system on the ship. It is possible to view the alarm key performance indicators either for the last seven days or the last 30 days.

The Alarm treemap page visualizes how a disturbance situation in one alarm area group of machinery on board a vessel is developing or affecting other alarm areas. User roles and needs determine the content and presentation of data, creating a personalized experience.

Safety is one of the primary objectives of marine automation. With Valmet DNA Dashboard, you can improve your ship’s overall safety through an optimized and efficiently working alarm system that lets you handle abnormal situations more quickly and with more confidence.

Using the ability to monitor the ship’s alarm status from anywhere via a mobile device makes Valmet DNA Dashboard a great tool for any ship.

A few significant benefits:

  • Connects easily to existing ship data
  • Provides an overall health status of the alarm system
  • Offers an alarm performance snapshot before, during and after disturbances
  • Indicates when a possible disturbance in a dedicated area is about to begin
  • Allows constant monitoring and development of the alarm system, enabling you to design a better alarm philosophy for quicker recovery from abnormal situations


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Using the ability to monitor the ship's alarm status from anywhere via a mobile device makes Valmet DNA Dashboard great tool for any ship.
Lars-Edin Svaasand, Manager, R&D, Valmet Automation