Digitization streamlines gas transport flows

Mar 25, 2021

The Small Scale Virtual Pipeline (SSVP) allows gas to be transported to areas without a pipeline network. Virtuality brings a special flexibility to gas distribution that is supported by the Valmet DNA Integrated Operations data collection application. Speed Oy’s drivers have used this application now for several years.

DNA Integrated Operations is part of Valmet Industrial Internet services, which are based on digital cloud services. The product was originally developed for the management of liquefied natural gas and biogas (LNG/ LBG), pressurized gas and chemical containers. It is also suitable for other areas, such as hydrogen.

Jari Puranen, one of Speed Oy’s drivers, participated in Valmet’s development work from a practical perspective. He says: “Valmet’s solution has become a key tool in the transport of containers. I can use my tablet to check shipments in real time. And Valmet has been continuously improving the product.”

Jari Puranen.jpg

Jari Puranen using the application.

DNA Integrated Operations in use.jpg

Effective user interface for the driver.

Application for growing market needs

Compressed biogas (CBG) is high-pressure biogas. CBG is enjoying a growing market in the Nordic countries, where Gasum is a leading producer of biogas and the largest processor of biodegradable waste. Gasum currently has a total of 37 gas filling stations for gas powered passenger cars in Finland. In total, the company has about 100 filling stations serving traffic in the Nordics. As the use of gas is becoming more widespread in traffic, both for heavy vehicles as well as passenger cars, the filling station network has grown steadily.

Speed Oy transports Gasum’s compressed gas containers. Both companies benefit from the functions of DNA Integrated Operations in their own businesses.

Valmet’s Product Manager Mikko Haapaniemi confirms that the solution for centralized data collection and container logistics management is without comparison. “This optimizes the planning of transport orders and saves both time and costs. The predictive features offer considerable added value for logistics planning,” Mikko says.

Additionally, the solution can include reporting, measurements, production planning, process optimization and even an interface to ERP systems. With automated and flexible tools, all parties in the supply chain can easily communicate with each other. Communication and information sharing is enabled by the cloud-based service using new digital technologies.

Managing container logistics

According to Jari Puranen, the timing of transports has improved. He drives a full 250 bar high-pressure gas container into the fenced filling station area and replaces the empty container. This exchange is registered in Valmet’s systems. If necessary, the waybills can also be created electronically. Jari says that the user interface for DNA Integrated Operations is clear and does not contain any extra unnecessary information.

Gasum filling station.jpg

Gasum filling station (Source: Gasum).

Container delivery.jpg

Container delivery by Speed Oy.

Jari explains: “The route is optimally planned, so that you do not have to drive back and forth, and the number of kilometers is minimized. At the same time, it’s better for the environment. The electronic delivery recording is handy because the gas stations are unmanned – so it’s not even possible to get a signature.”

Jari sums up the benefits of the tool: “You can avoid mistakes because the functions are automated. Every action leaves a mark – black on white. Since the predictability of work stages has improved, my own work has become more satisfactory.”


Mikko Haapaniemi continues: “Digitalization is transforming and streamlining transportation flows. Valmet’s advantage is its strong automation and electronics know-how on which our expertise is based. Our close cooperation with customers allows us to discover market needs and solutions that respond. For instance, with this data collection application, logistics gets the digital infrastructure it needs. Likewise, the industry players can improve their competitive advantage.”


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Mikko Haapaniemi
mikko.haapaniemi at valmet.com

Valmet’s solution has become a key tool in the transport of containers. I can use my tablet to check shipments in real time. And Valmet has been continuously improving the product.”
Jari Puranen, Driver, Speed Oy
The predictive features offer considerable added value for logistics planning."
Mikko Haapaniemi, Product Manager, Valmet Automation Inc.