Neles™ high performance butterfly valve, series BWX

Designed for cryogenic applications

Neles BWX series high performance butterfly valve has been especially designed for use in cryogenic applications with high quality CrNi steel. Testing of the valve includes cold shock test and it can be used for gaseous and liquid oxygen, LNG, nitrogen, hydrogen and other cryogenic fluids.


  • Innovative design with free floating metallic seat
    - Protected seat in area of lowest tear and wear
  • High capacity
  • Cryogenic applications;
    - Temperature range: -200 to +470 °C / -320 to +880 °F
  • Best for oxygen service
    - Oil & grease free assembly and test
    - AM tested non-metallic parts
  • Rating and flange face:
    - ASME 600 / PN63
    - Face-to-face: API 609, optional EN558
  • Sizes NPS4 … NPS24 / DN100 …DN600
  • Different cryogenic extension lengths


Temperature range: -200 to +470 °C / -320 to +880 °F
Ratings: ASME 600 /PN63
Size range: NPS4 … NPS24 / DN100 …DN600
Face-to-face: API 609, optional EN558