Jamesbury™ ball valve, series 6FRF

Our industry leading flanged by threaded solution

The 6FRF ball valve is a member of the Jamesbury™ Value-Line™ Series which offers the benefits of proven quality and design performance with exceptional economy not previously available in high-performance ball valves. Its full-bore configuration and high- pressure rating 1000 psi for 1" – 2" (DN 25 – 50), 800 psi for 3" (DN 80) make it an ideal choice for the majority of applications where tight shut-off is required.


  • Robust engineering design
  • Special flanged by threaded interface
  • Self relieving seat technology
  • Low emissions stem seal technology
  • High quality


  • Very long service life
  • Low fugitive emissions
  • Bubble tight shut off


Size range 1" – 3” / DN 25 - 80
Materials Carbon and stainless steel body materials
Temperature range -60 °F to +400 °F (-51 °C to +204 °C)