Sustainable low-friction doctor blades

Energy and cost efficient blade for board and paper machines

Industries all over the world are seeing a wave of innovations that improve sustainability. Doctoring is no exception. ​The new low-friction blades are resulting in exceptional power consumption savings leading to CO₂ emission reductions and savings in operation costs.

Less CO₂ emissions

Improved energy efficiency

Less waste, less doctor blade usage

Increased blade lifetime

Cleaner dryer cylinders

Reduced operation cost

Save energy with Valmet sustainable low-friction doctor blades

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Exceptional results with Valmet's sustainable low-friction doctor blades in the dryer section at a board mill in Europe

Reduction in power consumption 26%

Electricity savings 950 MWh/year

CO₂ Emission reduction 190 t/y

Annual savings 150k€ /y

All the doctoring parameters were checked and optimized during the project resulting in improved doctoring performance and cleaner dryer cylinders. The low-friction doctor blades now have a much longer blade lifetime compared to traditional blades. This reduction in annual blade consumption not only translates to lower doctoring costs but also yields a positive impact on the volume of industrial waste. In fact, we are currently utilizing fewer blades in the dryer section than ever before.”
-Board mill in Europe

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Are you suffering from high electricity prices? Looking for savings in operation costs while improving the cleaning result in your dryer cylinders? Regardless of the original machine supplier, we have a sustainable solution for you.

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The total savings are greater than doctor blades spent for the whole machine.”
-Board mill in Europe

Insights from friction studies

The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) has studied friction-based energy consumption in paper machines. The studies show that doctor blade friction represents 62% of the electricity consumption in the drying section.  

Based on this fact,  our doctoring team has developed new blade materials, conducted numerous friction tests, and analyzed the results to find the optimal combination of blade material and other parameters. 

The laboratory test results clearly demonstrate that our latest innovations have the lowest friction at the market. The difference between the highest and lowest friction levels is more than 80%. 

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Doctoring is more than the blades 

You can count on sustainability always going hand-in-hand with efficiency when working with Valmet. The vast selection of Valmet Doctor Blades offers a proper solution for your needs. Since sustainability and efficiency consist of many variables, and doctoring is more than the blades – we’ll be your co-driver throughout the process from parts to stocking solutions and personal service close to you 

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Doctor blades are thin, flexible strips of material that are used in the paper industry to scrape or "doctor" the surface of a cylinder or roll.

We specialize in providing top-tier doctor blades designed specifically for the board & paper industry. Our blades are made of a variety of materials and are engineered for precision, consistency, and durability.

The new doctor blades are made of carbon and glass-reinforced composite blades with low-friction fillers. The low-friction decreases the absolute electricity consumption of electric motors. This leads to energy savings and a more sustainable solution. 

When it comes to sustainable low-friction doctor blades, you can trust us to deliver the most effective solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can assist you in achieving your production goals.