Customer case:

ProRheno optimizes processes with Valmet TS measuring solids content of sewage sludge online

Dec 21, 2018

The Valmet TS device makes the reliable and accurate measurement of solids content in sewage sludge of different origin possible - and this at minimal maintenance efforts. Continuous measuring increases operational safety within the entire sewage treatment plant and facilitates the optimization of processes.

The advantages of the Valmet TS became quickly obvious in the particular processes: The accurate and continuous measurement of solids content ensures optimal control. The positive impact on downstream system components can only be quantitated after some time – but these effects are tremendous!
Jörg Gautschi,Head of the MSR, ProRheno AG, Basel


Location Basel, Switzerland
Customer challenge

The continuous measurement of solids content (TS) in sewage sludge constitutes a huge challenge for online analytics. High viscosity, polluted sensors, the fluctu­ating consistency and different color shades of sludge are limiting the use of conventional online analytics to a few applications.


Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS)

Endress+Hauser flow meter Promag 53


Process optimization in industrial neutralization

Phase separation with Valmet TS

Centrifuge control with real-time data provided by the Valmet TS

Keywords Wastewater, Automation, Europe