Customer case:

Replacing a traditional shoe press with Advantage ViscoNip press

May 9, 2023

Fine Hygienic Holding is a long-term partner with Valmet dating back to 1988. Over the years, tissue machines have been installed at their mills in Egypt, Jordan and Abu Dhabi. 

Replacing a traditional shoe press with Advantage ViscoNip press

The situation on PM3 after ViscoNip is amazing. I think this step change should have been executed many years earlier as in the past it was much know how and skills were needed to be able to produce good performance and quality with the old shoe press design and geometry compared to the current smarter ViscoNip” S

Sherif Onsi, Operations manager, Fine Hygienic PM3


Location Fine Hygienic Holding, Nuqul Group,  Egypt
Customer challenge Customer wanted to replace the shoe press with an Advantage™ ViscoNip®. press A decision which was based on their own experience from other Valmet machines in their fleet.
Solution Replaced shoe press with Advantage ViscoNip
  • Improve moisture profiles
  • Improved runnability
  • Improved proudction – higher continuous speed reached
  • Higher flexibility in end product
  • Reduced energy consumption 
  • Improved converting effciency
Machine type Valmet Advantage DCT Technology
This change should have been made many years ago”