Customer case:

Innovative breast roll shell boosts reliability and performance

Oct 26, 2016

Metsä Tissue’s Mänttä TM 1 had previously operated the breast roll with a plastic shrink sleeve. This caused problems with dirt accumulating under the sleeve, yarns breaking due to wear, and the sleeve getting wrinkled. Because of sleeve changes, the typical running interval was less than a year.

Innovative breast roll shell boosts reliability and performance for Metsä Tissue’s Mänttä TM 1
Since there will be no unplanned roll change shutdowns due to sleeve damage, we will get dozens of hours more running time every year. I can warmly recommend this solution to other tissue-makers who are having issues with shrink sleeves”.
Jyrki Pekkala, Maintenance Manager, Metsä Tissue Mänttä TM 1



Mänttä, Finland

Customer target

Mänttä mill intends to utilize Valmet’s grooved, countersunk breast suction roll shell to reduce unplanned roll changes and extend roll running times. 

Solution The old countersunk shell with a plastic shrink sleeve was replaced with Valmet’s new countersunk shell solution with a grooved surface.


Good runnability, no hole shadow marking and no contamination.


Tissue, Europe, rolls

Technical table

Grades Away-from-Home towels 17-55 g/m2
Wire width 3,500 mm
Production speed
400 - 1,200 m/min