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New technology moves Jiangmen Xinghui Paper towards a low-carbon future

Nov 1, 2021

Faced with carbon neutral strategies by governments companies rapidly need to transform and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Introducing energy efficiency technologies in production and building competitive advantage through low-carbon production—these are the answers from Jiangmen Xinghui Paper on how to save energy and reduce emissions.

Jiangmen Xinghui Paper Mill

Valmet's team is very professional and cooperation with our team is very good. The installation is ahead of schedule. I give them a high five." says Noriyuki Fujita, Project Leader



Jiangmen Xinghui Paper Mill Co., Ltd. Jiangmen in China

Customer challenge(s)

The mill experienced insufficient drying capacity after machine speed was increased. A lack of drying capacity impairs sheet surface properties and printability. Although the mill’s steam consumption per unit is already at the benchmarking level for the industry, it still has room to reduce steam consumption and improve energy efficiency to maintain cost competitiveness.


The Valmet team planned and organized a systematic set of actions. Air systems were measured to evaluate the necessary actions. Old Foil nozzles on the 8 air dryers in the coating section were replaced by new Valmet Air Dryer nozzles. Low energy consumption, superior drying capacity and high end-product quality are the main advantages of Valmet's air-drying technology.


  • Medium-pressure steam consumption has been cut by more than 30%
  • The leakage and exhaust air have been reduced significantly
  • Printing quality has been greatly improved


Board and paper, coated paper, China, Improvements, Air Dryer technology

Steam consumption reduced by


and better sheet runnability