Customer case:

Four new icebreakers, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard

Jul 11, 2019

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard has built four icebreaking vessels for Sovcomflot, the largest shipping company in Russia. One is a supply vessel, and three of them are stand-by vessels. All four benefit from the advanced Valmet DNA automation system.

In each of the vessels, nearby 4,000 alarms are available. So, a decent system is required. In my opinion, Valmet DNA is the choice. It is a good system for the marine industry."
Markku Oksama, Automation and Commissioning Engineer, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard


Location The North-East Sakhalin offshore
Customer challenge Safety and reliability requirements posed by harsh conditions.
Results All four vessels benefit from the advanced Valmet DNA automation system. Since the number of alarms and amount of data is high in the automation system, redundancy of stations and networks is required to secure operation. 
Solution The delivery included Valmet DNA automation system with marine specific features. Valmet DNA Operate TEA, the Trend and Event Archive, provides users with history data in the form of trends. Further, the data can be replayed and analyzed. In the engine control room, the main tools for the operators are the displays with accurate, to-the-minute information. Valmet DNA’s alarm panels are placed in cabins, which means that the crew is always alerted to abnormal situations. So, the information flow remains uninterrupted.
Keywords Valmet DNA, Icebreaking vessels, Marine automation