Customer case:

Raw material savings with latest headbox technology

Aug 20, 2015

New headbox technology enables raw material cost optimization at Dongil Wolsan PM1 in Korea as less starch is needed and worse quality raw materials, such as OCC waste, can be utilised without compromising strength properties.

Valmet's new OptiFlo headbox opens us new possibilities to develop our process and product. When starch is fed through Aqua layer 15% compression strength improvement is achieved, but needed amount of starch is almost 30% lower."
Jin Doo Kim, Vice President, Dong Il Paper


Location Dong Il Wolsan mill in South Korea
Customer challenge OCC raw material variation caused variation in the end product quality.
Solution OptiFlo Fourdrinier headbox with Aqua layering technology, VacuBalance vacuum assisted forming board.
Results Improved end product strength properties, raw materials savings
Keywords Board and paper, Asia-Pacific, Rebuilds