Customer case:

Metsä Board Simpele increasing capacity and improving quality

Jul 4, 2016

Metsä Board Simpele has almost doubled its production capacity since 2006. The mill has been able to produce board with significantly increased bulk without any compromises in surface quality or stiffness. These results were achieved from two different rebuilds supplied by Valmet. OptiCalender metal belt calender, installed in 2006, offered a remedy to the production bottleneck and extremely good board surface quality.

”The goal for the rebuild in 2006 was to increase production capacity and to present the improved Simcote product to the markets. The rebuild in 2011 was also aiming the diminish capacity challenges”
Metsä Board VP and Mill Manager Veli-Pekka Kyllönen in Paper ja Puu


Location Metsä Board Simpele Mill, Finland
Customer challenge Need to increase production capacity and improve quality to differentiate

Mill rebuild in 2006 to get lighter boards with improved bulk and to improve quality consistency

Mill rebuild in 2011 to remove production bottlenecks

Capacity increased by 80,000 t/a to 300,000 t/a 

Results Lightweighting (lower grammage end products), increased bulk, more production
Keywords Board and paper, Europe, Rebuilds

Metsä Board Simpele BM 3

Grades Simcote
Basis weights 200 - 340 g/m2 
Annual capacity > 300 000 t/a