Perini MyGo

Converting line

Based on Perini MyLine with evolved Sincro technology, Perini MyGo is a ready for operation line with the most common configurations requested by the market, that enhances the advantages of Perini MyLine optimizes machine installation operations, in favor of drastic reduction in start-up time. Thanks to an ergonomic design with integrated electrical panels, cable duct and perimetral guards, the individual units that make up the line, can be loaded directly on the truck/container by simply disconnecting the power supply.*

Main characteristics:

  • Line format 2800 mm
  • Parent reel up to Ø 2500 mm or weight 3000 Kg
  • No.4 sets of Core Plugs =8 plugs
  • All configuration needed in the machines in order to make Ø 200mm
  • Speed up to 600 m/min and 30 log/min
  • Anilox Roll capacity on Emb =14
  • Embossing and press roll adjustment via HMI
  • Two steel rolls included for BRT
    • Top roll with geometric design
    • Bottom roll with GHOST
  • Perforation interference adjustment from panel (HMI) on the REW
  • Single perforating roll
  • Functionality for diameters (160-200) with this configuration:
    • Carbon fiber Clamps 175-205
    • Carbon fiber Clamps 161-185
    • Pressiflex Clamps 145-160
    • Pressiflex Clamps 120-150
    • Pressifex Clamps 90-120
  • Trim ejection belt
  • Left Transmission side
  • Roll Output Right Side
  • Back stand without Flying Splice
  • Siemens Electrical Platform
  • Multinorm (UL) available

*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line that might be affected to modifications. To receive more information about the machine and the delivery time, please fill in the form.

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