Vacuum filter type CC — Unique open filter drum design

The CC-filter design is based on the experience Valmet has gained from almost 2000 delivered drop-leg filters to customers worldwide.

The CC-filters are delivered with metallurgy suitable to any washing application in the fiber line and offers high washing efficiency and reliable operation. The filter is also frequently used in dewatering applications.

Unique open filter drum design Pulp washing using vacuum for wash water displacement and dewatering is a highly proven washing technology. However, the CC-filter’s unique open-drum design provides many benefits compared to conventional drop-leg drum filters. The open design of the filter drum results in lower weight being exerted on the construction while also reducing stress and stress corrosion on the entire drum construction, shafts and bearings.

Main features

  • Open filter drum design
  • Low load on shafts and bearings
  • Single central outlet
  • External valve adjustment
  • Ease of maintenance
  • High pulp dryness
  • High specific capacity
  • Minimized re-wetting
Filters - Spare parts and components

Filter Drum CCA

Unique open washer design with bolted shafts in both ends.

Wash Nozzle

Shaped to facilitate even distribution of cleaning fluid.

SplitSeal Mechanical seal

Mechanical seal which can cope with wide radial shaft movements.


Filters - Process and automation upgrades

HP Cleaning System for Pulp Filters

A clean wire ensures effective and uniform dewatering of the pulp.

Spray Pipe

A device that permits cleaning to be carried out automatically during full operation.

Take-off Device

Considerably improve the performance and runnability of all pulp washers.