Valmet IQ Quality Measurement Maintenance

Start date: Oct 21, 2024

End date: Oct 25, 2024

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Your contact for this course is:

Nancy Smith
Phone: +12154502282

This course provides knowledge and hands-on experience with PaperLab Software and Hardware, Measuring techniques, Module accuracy, calibration and correlation.


Personnel responsible for service and troubleshooting of this product.

What to expect:

- PaperLab design and operation

- Paper Sample operation

- Maintenance procedures

- Software

- Hardware components

- Module calibration

- Printed reports

- Host datalink

- Bending stiffness, burst, caliper, formation, gloss, PPS, SCT, tear, porosity B & G, basis weight, smoothness and tensile modules are covered with hands on maintenance exercises

Course Outline 


None, however an understanding of paper properties and measurement is recommended along with a keen aptitude with electronics and mechanical assemblies.  Understanding of units of measurement both metric and imperial, and the mathematical conversion between the two would also be helpful.