Sea optimal mode for fuel efficiency

Valmet DNA Sea Optimal Mode enables ship owners to achieve up to 3% savings in fuel consumption. The actual savings vary based on the load of the power plant and specific fuel consumption (SFC) profile of the engine. Valmet DNA Sea Optimal Mode has been tested in close cooperation with shipyards and ship owners. It is already in operation on several cruise vessels.

Valmet DNA Sea Optimal Mode utilizes unbalanced load distribution, taking advantage of the fact that the SFC of each engine varies with the load and has an optimal point of operation. By keeping as many engines as possible at their optimal load, it is possible to optimize the fuel consumption. The optimal load of an engine is the load at which the engine uses the least amount of fuel per kW produced.


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If we look at the data from tests run on ships, the highest measured saving has been 2.44%, which represents roughly 190 kg of fuel saved per hour."
Andreas Carlsen, Project Manager, Marine Applications, Valmet