Customer case:

Valmet’s automation for all kinds of biofuel production

Jun 13, 2016

Availability and safety are unquestionably key issues in any process. In producing highly flammable fuels and biofuels, the importance of these issues grows even more. Today, several leading global producers rely on Valmet’s process automation technology to control their biofuel plants, which produce second-generation biodiesel, bioethanol or bio-oil.

Neste Oil NExBTL biodiesel plant in Rotterdam by night


Location Finland
Customer challenge The fact that makes process automation at biofuel plants even more demanding than at pulp & paper mills or power plants, for example, is that the processes include highly inflammable liquids and gases.
Solution Valmet’s deliveries to Neste’s renewable diesel plants have included Valmet DNA automation systems, DCS integrated safety systems, field equipment maintenance tools and process history data storage, trending and reporting applications with remote access possibilities.
Results Neste has the largest renewable diesel refineries operating with Valmet DNA. Automation and safety solutions guarantee efficient operations at all these renewable diesel plants.

 Automation, Biofuels and biomaterials, Europe