Customer case:

The highest level of automation through integration of visions and solutions

Jun 13, 2016

Valmet Automation delivered the control system for the fourth production line at the Neste Porvoo refinery. This automation project was so far the most extensive at the Porvoo site, and included a great deal of development related to quality and safety. A clear vision based on the strong automation know-how at the Porvoo site had an important role in the planning and implementation of a system, which features the highest level of automation.

The Valmet team was persistent, and saw through that the toughest problems were solved,”
Ari Aitolahti, Refinery Automation Manager at Neste Porvoo


Location Porvoo, Finland
Customer challenge Development of the operator interface, diagnostics and system interfaces

Valmet's Automation project, which covered two automation systems and nine safety systems


As a result of the development work, the user interface is much more efficient than earlier. The process alarms and alarm philosophy were improved. Communication from field equipment to the control room user interface improves the condition monitoring a great deal. Informative, clear diagnostic displays enable efficient process monitoring and maintenance.

Keywords Automation, Europe, Oil and gas