Valmet delivered boiler diagnostics system to Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute in South Korea

Jan 20, 2022

Valmet has supplied boiler diagnostics system to Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) Research Institute in South Korea. The delivery consists of four Valmet Furnace IR Camera Imaging systems with slag indexing software, which are installed in KEPCO’s Coal power boiler.

The delivery has been completed as scheduled and the system started up smoothly in November 2020. 

Information about the delivery

Valmet’s delivery includes four sets of Valmet Furnace IR Imaging Camera Systems with a slag indexing software package. The camera system provides superior image quality, enabling comprehensive observation and analysis of combustion processes. This real-time ability to identify problems and apply solutions results in increased boiler availability, reduced risk of failure, improved heat transfer efficiency, and lower maintenance cost.

Valmet’s Slag Indexing delivers real-time views of slag conditions in critical boiler areas. From tube walls to pendants and the superheater entrance, Slag Indexing determines the ratio of a clean condition to a slagged condition. This condition ratio is then sent as an independent or added signal to the boiler cleaning controls to enable more effective cleaning of the boiler areas. 

As a type of combustion-related key variable, KEPCO Research Institute uses Slag Index data calculated from the Furnace IR Imaging Camera System for research and development of combustion optimization.

Information about KEPCO Research Institute

The KEPCO Research Institute is a research institute established to promote power supply and demand stability by promoting power development and rational operation of the power industry and was established to secure core technologies in the power industry in a timely manner and create mid- to long-term growth engines.

For further information, please contact:

MyongHo Choi,  Senior Manager, Energy & Process Systems, Asia Pacific, Automation, Valmet, tel. +82 1031639822


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