Metso to deliver bale handling equipment to Södra Cell Värö, Sweden

Published Mar 3, 2009 14.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso has received an order for bale handling equipment to Södra Cell’s pulp mill in Värö, Sweden. The purpose of the rebuild is to replace worn-out equipment. The start-up will take place in November 2009.

The order consists of new equipment for two of Värö’s three existing baling lines and new unitizing/unloading.

In baling line 1, the flash drying line, the rebuild includes installation of a new press frame, press ram for the slab press as well as a wrapping machine. In baling line 3, one of the two baling lines for sheet dried pulp, the rebuild covers installation of a bale press, wrapping machine, folding machine and bale stacker. In the common unitizing and unloading area, thirteen new conveyors and two unitizers will be installed. In addition to the above machinery, the order also includes Metso’s new safety system, Robosafety, for line 3 and the unitizing/unloading area. Robosafety is a module-built fence system with indexed zones for operator protection, meeting the latest CE-legislation regarding machine safety.

The Värö mill is one of the four pulp mills of the Södra group. Södra Cell Värö is situated on the Värö peninsula in the municipality of Varberg, about 60 km south of Gothenburg. The mill was built in 1972 and it was the first mill in the world to change over to producing totally chlorine-free pine pulp of high quality. The mill has a capacity of 425,000 tonnes/year.

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For further information, please contact: Joakim Larsson, Sales Manager, Fiber business line, Metso Tel. +46 60 16 54 61, Mats Arnberg, General Manager, Fiber business line, Metso Tel. +46 60 16 56 08,