Metso establishes future pulp mill biorefinery concept with Stora Enso and Domtar

Published Feb 18, 2010 13.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso, Stora Enso and Domtar have established a project to develop a future pulp mill biorefinery based on new pulping technology. The target is to develop a new concept with better energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of the process, lower initial capital investment costs, and reduced fiber usage while maintaining or even improving fiber properties from a paper and board quality point of view. The project will take several years.

Metso, Stora Enso and Domtar see promising opportunities for a breakthrough in sustainable chemical pulping technology, compared to current practices.

The new pulp biorefinery concept will further strengthen Metso's position as the leading supplier of sustainable technology to pulp and paper industry.

The project is in line with strategic targets set by Finnish, Swedish and North American forest clusters for their research and development work: to renew the industry, to efficiently utilize bio raw materials, to protect the environment, and to improve cost efficiency.

Stora Enso Oyj is a renowned manufacturer of pulp, paper, board, bio energy and other wood based materials, chemicals and products and is continuously seeking to improve and develop its processes and products. The company is in possession of valuable experience and know-how relating to chemical pulp quality and its impact on paper and board quality and added value for paper and board users.

Domtar Corporation is the largest integrated manufacturer and marketer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America and the second largest in the world. Domtar also manufactures paper grade, fluff and specialty pulp. Domtar is in possession of valuable experience and know-how relating to manufacturing, quality and use of chemical pulp in paper making.

Metso is a global supplier of sustainable technology and services for mining, construction, power generation, automation, recycling and the pulp and paper industries. We have about 27,000 employees in more than 50 countries.

For further information, please contact: Jouko Yli-Kauppila, Senior Vice President, Technology and IPR Coordination, Paper and Fiber Technology, Metso, tel. +358 40 507 6946