Recovery boiler Reference Training Simulator

Practice start/stop with disturbances. Combine with classroom training days at site.

Training type: Online

Duration: 8 hrs

Location: Online

Description: Valmet’s Reference Training Simulators are high fidelity simulators built to replicate a typical plant’s design and operation. Cloud-based solution for safe and cost-efficient training of start-up, shutdown and emergency procedures, as well as for scenario training. Possibility to train the operators for the plant to in a secure setting. Valmet can in cooperation with customer develop disturbance scenarios to enable the operators to gain knowledge and experience without consequences. This will allow the operators to run the plant safely and with greater availability in the long run. Valmet reference simulator is built with DNA interface.

Objective: Valmet Reference Training Simulator facilitates training of process interrelations and enhances process knowledge.

Audience: Recovery boiler operators

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge in the Recovery boilers and preferably a technical education is recommended.

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