Valmet AP webinar: Dewatering – Ceramics and Adjustable blades for Pulp, Board & Paper and Tissue makers

The efficiency of dewatering process has a profound effect on end-product properties. Valmet offers a comprehensive range of ceramic and polyethylene dewatering elements to suit all positions and OEM machine configurations, including the expert services.

Wed, 28 Feb 2024 06:30:00 GMT

Are you looking to increase productivity and additional dewatering capacity at your mill?  Valmet expanded its dewatering services offering and can offer you a comprehensive range of ceramics and polyethylene dewatering elements to suit all positions and adjustable foils including the expert services - Let us be your co-driver for success.

The Asia Pacific webinar with the theme of "
Valmet Dewatering – Ceramics and Adjustable blades" will be arranged in order to support you to understand more the dewatering products, especially from Valmet's which is available as well as to help improving the formation. Therefore please do not miss out this opportunity to attend!

In this webinar, you will hear:

  • Valmet offering for Dewatering elements: Ceramics and Polyethylene 
  • Valmet Services around dewatering elements
  • Valmet adjustable forming products - The best application for machines with wide basis weight and speed range
  • The best combination of products, services and expertise from one supplier
  • Live Q&A


Webinar Date: Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 60 minutes presentation including Q&A

Time: multiple time zone covered, start times for each time zone are listed below:

New Delhi: 12:00

Bangkok: 13:30 

Jakarta: 13:30   

Hanoi: 13:30 

Kuala Lumpur: 14:30

Manila: 14:30

Seoul: 15:30 

Tokyo: 15:30

Melbourne: 16:30

Auckland: 18:30



Speaker and Moderator:

Karl Whelan
Senior Product Sales Manager
Wet-end Products,
Asia Pacific

​​​​Valmet in Asia Pacific



This is for free webinar for Pulp, Board & Paper and Tissue makers. Please don't miss out this opportunity to attend and discover more.