AP Webinar: Valmet Pulp To Paper Optimizer - Cost-effectiveness and quality with automated control

Join us for an exclusive webinar unveiling the transformative power of the Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer. Engineered to masterfully control paper properties, this cutting-edge solution automatically stabilizes and optimizes process variables to achieve the pinnacle of cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. By leveraging a model built from extensive process data, it predicts and adjusts variables in real-time, minimizing variance and ensuring consistent performance.

Fri, 07 Jun 2024 06:00:00 GMT

Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer is designed to control the properties of the paper by automatically stabilizing and optimizing the process variables to the most cost-effective level while maintaining the agreed quality. With a remarkable track record of over 350 installations worldwide in the last 25 years, Valmet's expertise in optimization is unmatched. Discover how the Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer can revolutionize your operations, enhance efficiency, and drive unparalleled quality. ​​​​​​ 

 In this webinar, you will hear:  

  • Pulp To Paper Optimizer application and concept
    • What is Advanced Process Controls (APC)
    • Why Advanced Process Controls (APC)
    • How Advanced Process Controls (APC) can improve the process stability
    • Reference cases 
  • Customer’s benefits
    • Reduction of raw material consumption and thus costs
    • Increased controllability i.e. stability of selected paper variable (e.g. SCT, CMT, Bulk, Burst, Porosity, Internal Bond, Tensile & Tear)
    • Faster reaction time to process changes
    • Fewer errors in process operation
    • Increased consistency via reduced variance between shifts
    • More stable process
  • ​​​​Live Q&A 

Webinar Date: Friday, 7 June 2024, 60 minutes presentation including Q&A

Time: multiple time zone covered, start times for each time zone are listed below:

New Delhi: 11:30

Bangkok: 13:00 

Jakarta: 13:00   

Hanoi: 13:00 

Kuala Lumpur: 14:00

Manila: 14:00

Seoul: 15:00 

Tokyo: 15:00

Melbourne: 16:00

Auckland: 18:00


Speaker and Moderator:

Juuso Palonki

Juuso Palonki
Product Manager, Pulp & Paper Solutions
Automation Systems

Valmet in Finland

Sung-Keun Park
Manager, Industrial Internet Solutions and
Quality & Measurement System Applications
Asia Pacific

Valmet in Asia Pacific


This is for free webinar for Paper and Board producers. Please don't miss out this opportunity to attend and discover more.