At the forefront of digital evolution

Dec 12, 2019

Anu Salonsaari-Posti

Valmet has a long history in the digitalization of process industries. The launch of the Damatic distributed control system (DCS) in 1979 laid a solid foundation for the company’s digital development, which has continued ever since.

Over the years, the system – now called Valmet DNA – has been further developed. The latest developments have been so revolutionary that today we are talking about the new nature of automation.

It was great to see the enthusiasm for our new web-based user interface for Valmet DNA automation system when it was recently introduced to customers at a technology trade fair. With the help of this new user interface, the use of the automation system can be extended beyond the traditional control room at your mill or plant. Unlike the traditional control room, the “control space” moves with you everywhere with your mobile device.

While Valmet DNA has been the backbone for embedding intelligence into the machines and processes, it has also enabled the development of the Industrial Internet solutions by providing a solid base for process data. Valmet has developed a comprehensive offering of Industrial Internet applications and services which seek to improve the visibility and profitability of a plant’s or mill’s operations by analyzing and utilizing data even more widely for the customer’s benefit.

In this magazine, you can explore more about how we help to turn process data into value, and how we ensure the data is at your disposal – whether it’s through your mobile device or through a remote connection from Valmet’s Performance Center. At you can acquaint yourself further with the new nature of automation.

Anu Salonsaari-Posti
Senior Vice President
Marketing and Communications