Working together right from the start

Securing a successful investment with maximal value now and in the future isn’t easy. In principle, all investments should be profitable but also meet the set sustainability, environmental and production goals.

Making the most of each project with the customer

Investing in a complete pulp mill, pulp mill process island or department, power boiler, paper machine, or automation system is always a big decision.

For most of our customers, there can be several years or even decades between such investment decisions, which can make finding the right concept a little challenging. In many cases, customers nowadays also have fewer of their own in-depth expert resources at their disposal.

It’s only through open communication that we can learn what the critical factors are.

At Valmet, we regularly work on multiple projects at the same time, from conceptual design to execution, including process control and lifecycle support. We are also continuously improving our existing solutions and developing new ones. This gives us unique expertise and a wide global reference base that helps us optimize and make the most of each project with the customer.

The power of early collaboration and openness

Every customer has unique expectations and investment drivers. Being able to provide the best possible solution requires collaboration and openness. As a technology provider, we can contribute by sharing information about the latest technologies and innovations, showing possibilities and analyzing different concepts. However, to achieve the best possible result, we need to understand the investment targets and what is truly important.

We aren’t mind readers, so it’s only through open communication that we can learn what the critical factors are. Then we can tailor the optimal solution right from the start. Ultimately, a well-thought-out concept makes the procurement process faster.

Leveraging expertise for shared goals

In my previous roles, I’ve worn both customer boots and consultant shoes. Over time, the role of technology providers has developed from being only an equipment supplier to being a genuine long-term collaboration partner. I see this development as positive because we can utilize the extensive expertise gained in investment projects to find an optimal concept for each case. Both our customers and Valmet have the same goal: to succeed in every single project, achieve the set goals and create flagship references that move our customers’ performance forward.