Q-disc™ – Born to perform under pressure

Valmet’s Neles™ Q-disc™ flow balancing trim is all about reducing noise and taking off some of the pressure directed onto the disc and shaft of a butterfly valve. It is able to do both things with great efficiency and reliability thanks to unique features such as the perforated design and fixed integration onto the disc.

Versatile performance

The Q-disc trim does many things. It helps reduce noise and cavitation like all the other Neles trims under the Q-moniker. But where it really comes into its own is when we discuss alleviating the negative effects of dynamic torque. Dynamic torque is the flow induced pressure torque placed on the valve in active service.

Dynamic torque places considerable stress on the moving parts of a butterfly valve, namely the disc and shaft. It is also a factor that plays a role in the sizing of the valve actuator. Achieving an optimized flow in terms of flow capacity and dynamic torque coefficient can improve the reliability and efficiency of the valve and the overall process it serves as a part of.

Smart design

Instead of a separate trim plate mounted and fixed onto the disk, the Q-disc is seamlessly integrated into the disc design itself. This eliminates any structural weakness that could result in valve failure. Detailed engineering simulations were used early in the design phase and prototyping. The Q-disc proved to give excellent relative flow capacity and flow characteristics very close to those of the standard disc.

The perforated disc design has a positive effect on the valve chocking factor (FL) and is especially good at reducing aerodynamic noise to a certain degree. This stability paired with the durability brought on by the rugged one-piece construction makes for a long-lasting high-performance butterfly valve solution. It has been designed to be easy to install, service and maintain as a part of Valmet’s newest versatile Neles™ Neldisc™ and Jamesbury™ Wafer-Sphere™ butterfly valves. Valmet is currently seeking patent protection for the unique features of the Q-disc technology.


Upon its release, the Q-disc is going to be a true game-changer. It is a trim solution that has its design roots in the digital world of data and simulations. With every detail of the design meticulously planned out and calculated, we can accurately anticipate the added value it can bring to your process. And obviously, just to make sure, before the commercial launch of the Q-disc we have put it through its paces with stringent testing procedures and a gruelling piloting phase.

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