Valve controller usability saves money and time, while improving safety and reliability

Regardless of the primary definition of this term, usability means more than just ease of use. There are 5 other important “E” benefits that help describe usability: efficient, effective, engaging, error tolerant and easy to learn. The more of these benefits in any given product, the higher is the level of a user’s satisfaction and success.

Usability – one characteristic, many roles

At a plant, the usability of a valve controller plays a major role in a number of situations. Whether you need to install a valve controller on actuators in volume production, quickly replace one in real field conditions or interpret its diagnostic information – simplicity is highly beneficial. In addition, usability helps operators make the correct settings, and therefore, adds to plant productivity and safety.

Local and remote valve controller operations

As existing devices have been designed over a few decades, there are big differences in their usability. Most digital valve controllers operate with their own local user interface or remotely over digital communication. Older devices most often have a button or two, and a small LCD giving parameters that need to be interpreted with the help of a manual. The latest devices have large graphical displays, guiding the user to the correct findings and actions.

Usability via a remote connection is less dependent on the valve controller hardware. It is more about designing an interface to interact with the valve controller. When setting the parameters of the valve controller, some manufacturers allow too many possibilities, which makes things more complicated for the users. The same applies to valve diagnostics. The amount and way of presenting the available can vary data, requiring specialist training for correct interpretation.

User-centric design

Neles NDX is Neles’ latest addition to its comprehensive valve controller offering with outstanding usability. It offers accurate and reliable performance for all valve brands, regardless of size or type, and can be used in a wide range of applications, regardless of the industry.

The new valve controller has been designed from a user-centric point of view, giving measurable customer benefits and a good user experience to make work easier from installation to operation.

NDX is extremely fast to give users information about disturbances. It presents superior diagnostics in an easy-to-understand way, making suggestions for recommended actions. Operators find it easy to install, configure, service and use, leading considerable time and resource savings.

Speaks your language

Moreover, in many regions of the world, not all users can understand English. Having the ability to adapt to local languages as part of the device usability can have a big impact in further improving the working environment and performance metrics.

NDX offers exceptional usability thanks to its multilingual user interface. The valve controller is available in many languages, including Chinese, Russian, Korean and others, which reduce the risk of commissioning and operational errors.    

Making a big difference for customers, the NDX valve controller saves time and money, while improving safety and reliability. Only a high level of device usability can ensure these essential advantages. 

Text originally published in 2016, and slightly updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.