Roll service agreement increases reliability at Savon Sellu

Apr 4, 2017

Savon Sellu’s board machine started running in 1968, and since then over nine million tonnes of high-quality fluting board have been delivered all over the world from Kuopio, Finland. In order to improve the availability of rolls and lower costs, Savon Sellu signed a roll service agreement for the board machine with Valmet in 2011.

"The clearest result of the agreement is the doubled running times of the roll covers in the third press," says Jussi Herranen, Savon Sellu's Maintenance Manager."Controlling the profile in the machine- and cross-machine directions is important for us so that we can produce goods with uniform quality," says Jussi Herranen, Maintenance Manager at Savon Sellu. "When we began having trouble with the large process rolls and saw an increase in the number of unplanned shutdowns, roll management became a focus area in maintenance. For this purpose, we got a fine partner – Valmet – to provide significant assistance and roll service training to support our own maintenance functions."

Goal: stress-free roll service

When drafting the agreement, the main goals were defined in detail. "Our aim was to achieve long running times for rolls and to service and grind the rolls with minimal effort and a clear operating model," Herranen says. "We also wanted to decrease the number of unexpected shutdowns due to rolls."

In the end, the agreement included covering, grinding, roll service and service parts. The rubber roll covers in the press section were replaced with Valmet Press Roll Cover PP polyurethane covers, which have excellent resistance to heat and wear. In addition, Valmet offered maintenance and operating training to the mill. "The plan was very clear, and it was drawn up in good cooperation," Herranen says.

Doubled running times

The results were already clear by the end of the first agreement period. Acute problems with suction rolls and press rolls were overcome and the situation had stabilized.

"The clearest result could be seen in the doubled running times of the roll covers in the third press. In addition, unplanned shutdowns caused by these rolls have been eliminated. This is important to us, as the availability of our equipment was the main goal of this agreement", Herranen adds.

Virtual IDs were created for the rolls. Now the system directly shows which roll is being serviced.

Virtual IDs were created for the rolls. Now the system directly shows which roll is being serviced.

Virtual equipment IDs have also been created for the rolls by identifying and clearly marking them. Now the system directly shows which roll is being serviced. "With the rolls operating without problems, availability and cost efficiency have clearly increased. Knowing precisely the prices and service times for roll service, grinding and covering means that we save time," says Pasi Riikonen, Mechanical Area Supervisor at the board mill.

Dedicated contact person brings security and reliability

One important benefit of the agreement model has been the company’s dedicated contact person, Product Sales Manager Eero Hartikainen from Valmet. Riikonen appreciates Hartikainen's professionalism and close communication: "Eero has worked hard for our benefit and been very active. He makes proposals and presents the various options, and we make our decisions based on his input."

With the agreement, learning takes place at both ends, while the relevant competence at the mill is maintained. "Eero has a lot of knowhow, and provides us with important support. The agreement-based operating model brings a certain security, as we have a specific person to contact," Herranen says.

Long-term partnership has also made it possible to have extensive discussions and carry out development work for which it would otherwise be difficult to find resources. "The goals defined in the agreement have been achieved, and the cooperation has made roll maintenance and management easier," Riikonen adds.

Immediate results through condition monitoring

Savon Sellu aims to constantly improve its operations, with the goal of making the best fluting board in the world. The results it gained from working with Valmet were a major factor in the decision to extend the cooperation beyond the end of the first agreement period.

In addition, in early 2015, Savon Sellu ordered a condition monitoring software application from Valmet Automation. The software was initially deployed in June 2015, and can currently continuously monitor 350 points in the board machine. "We hope to be able to further extend the functionality next year," Herranen expects.

For more information about improving cost efficiency and roll availability with a roll service agreement, contact your Valmet representative.