Sustainability e-learnings grow employees' knowledge of climate change and Valmet’s actions

Dec 22, 2022

As part of the company's capability development, in 2022 Valmet launched new Climate program trainings that complement existing sustainability e-learnings, initially launched in 2018. The target of the e-learnings is to increase awareness and understanding of sustainability and to introduce Valmet's approach, including the role of its different functions in supporting the implementation of the company’s Sustainability agenda.

The new global Climate program e-learnings launched in 2022 target to increase understanding of climate change, circular economy and the impacts on our business environment. They introduce Valmet's climate program and full scope offering to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impacts. With the strengthened knowledge of how Valmet is enabling the industry to move towards carbon neutrality, Valmeteers are well prepared to support the implementation of the climate program.

The new e-learning consists of modules focusing on the fundamentals of climate change and circular economy, presenting Valmet's Climate program “Forward to a carbon neutral future”. During the year, a customized hands-on training for selected target groups was also provided.

“The e-learning is an efficient method to learn more about climate change, how it impacts our business environment and what kind of actions we at Valmet and our customers are taking to decarbonize the industry. It also demonstrates how to use our full scope offering to show customers our ability to reduce their CO2 emissions, other environmental impacts and enable carbon neutral processes”, says Laura Puustjärvi, Valmet’s Vice President, Sustainability.