Learning how Valmet takes care of safety issues – Summer in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) team

Aug 25, 2021

My first summer months at Valmet have passed very pleasantly and were full of exciting workdays. I am supporting the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Team in Tampere. So far, I have taken on plenty of different tasks. They all have been very diverse, which has made everyday work exciting and full of learning experiences. From the HSE perspective I truly enjoy seeing how Valmet takes care of safety issues in every level and I enjoy the feeling to be a part of it. For example, I have read through environmental reports and product improvement suggestions from Valmeteers from all over the world, conducted risk assessments and updated Safety Points. I even got the chance to join an Information Security Audit!

Apart from my exciting tasks, I also enjoy having an independent working routine. This allows me to schedule my tasks in a manner, that keeps me effective and interested. Also, it is great that I can start my mornings early, where I am most focused and then get to enjoy the sunny afternoon. My team has been very kind and I have felt warmly welcomed from the beginning. I appreciate their efforts in involving me in easy conversations in Finnish and sometimes even in whole meetings, as it was my wish to improve my Finnish skills.

Last but not least, as a cherry on top of my fun summer trainee experience is that I may have the chance to write my Master´s Thesis for Valmet on a really interesting topic! So, I am really looking forward to the next weeks to come and be ready to tackle new challenges and tasks waiting for me! 


With Kind Regards,

Josepha Berger