OptiDry air drying family

Valmet's air dryer family

Valmet's air dryer family sends infrared dryers into retirement!

Valmet has completed it’s air drying family with profiling air dryer OptiDry Profile thus eliminating all excuses to waste energy by using infrared dryers. Now in OptiDry air drying family there are energy efficient drying solutions for all kinds of coating drying.

OptiDry Coat air dryers for one or two sided coating drying. Heating can be done with gas, electricity or steam. From OptiDry Coat dryers you find also high intensity drying solution for the first dryer after the coating station.

OptiDry Turn air dryers for one or two sided coating drying and simultaneous web turning. Heating can be done with gas, electricity or steam.

OptiDry Chill air cooler for effective noncontact web cooling provides effective cooling with innovative nozzle technology. That results in optimized runnability and end product quality.

OptiDry Profile air dryers for moisture profiling and drying at the same time. OptiDry Profile is the first air dryer ever with profiling function. Now you can get web moisture profiling in energy efficient air drying form. No need for infrared dryers in any position at the coating machine.


Air drying is energy efficient solution for all coating drying

In modern coating machines all the coating drying is done with air dryers. Like in high quality board producing Zheijiang Ji’An Paper in China. 

Coating drying

We can prove to you to get the best paper quality and lowest energy consumption with Valmet air dryers. Economical and ecological air dryers can fulfill all the requirements for higher paper quality, lower production costs and improved runnability.

Air dryers versus infrared dryers in coating machines

• Energy efficiency up to 90 % in air dryers
• Energy efficiency only 40 % with IR drying
• Energy savings 50% compared to IR drying
• Environmentally friendly, 50% less fuel burned and CO2 produced
• Much less maintenance time/costs
• Higher evaporation capacity

Start saving your energy costs with OptiDry air drying family and PowerFloat nozzles.