Plant Cybersecurity

Revamp your systems with minimal risk

Solutions that IT and OT can agree on

Don’t let security risks prevent you from updating your plant with the latest technologies. We’re experts in making cybersecurity solutions that satisfy all stakeholders.

Stay up to date and secure from the PCB to the DMZ

When you work with us, you get the highest standards in both innovation and safety. We provide products that are secure from the hardware on up, plus Valmet D3® and Microsoft patches and updates, delivered in a more transparent and automated way.

Threat management made simple

Many plants don’t have the resources to keep up with the latest security threats and countermeasures. Making changes to the system can be difficult and time-consuming. We provide the most up-to-date hardware and software and alert you to any new potential threats.

Best practices make the best products

Cyber secure products start in the development process. We are IEC 62443 compliant, following the highest standards to keep products secure. Our developers and testers are Exida-certified Cybersecurity Practitioners. We also test every product monthly against the latest Windows updates and publish results in a private customer portal. In short: we’ve got your back.