Control System Migration

Preserve your process while upgrading your equipment

Reduce the risks of unsupported equipment

Your legacy control systems and I/O families are working today, but you can’t rely on them forever. They expose your plant to increasing risks of downtime. Upgrading is necessary to enhance reliability, improve data capture, and ensure ongoing support. Our engineers have broad experience with legacy system migrations. Contact us today about our successes upgrading from Allen-Bradley and Modicon PLC systems; ABB, Yokogawa, Emerson, and Dow MOD 5 DCS systems.

Upgrade without interruption

Modernizing your systems shouldn’t always require “rip and replace.” A well planned, phased migration can upgrade your system with minimal downtime. Whether you’re replacing your I/O or the entire control system, we’ll assess all your equipment and come up with a cost-effective plan that minimizes impact on operations. We plan migration thoroughly to make the transition seamless, on a timeline that works for you.

Every process begins with a story

To upgrade your system or migrate to a new one, you need a partner that knows process automation inside and out. Our engineers begin with precise process narratives that can be mapped to any system, from applications to field wiring.