Valmet 8000 Series Ethernet I/O

Rugged and robust field I/O

Valmet 8000 Series I/O is the remote I/O family native to the Valmet D3® Distributed Control System (DCS), connecting D3 process controllers to both conventional I/O (such as 4-20 mA) and smart field devices over dual-redundant high-speed Ethernet networks.

Full variety of modules; support for HART® data pass-through

Wide operating temperature and G3 corrosive resistance

Intrinsically safe modules available

Ready for your process

Valmet 8000 Series I/O carriers may be mounted onto a flat panel or T- or G-section DIN rail. A wide range of modules is available, including types for NAMUR instrumentation, AC circuits, and intrinsically safe (IS) signals. Up to 64 I/O modules can be supported within a single 8000 Series node, and each module has between 4 and 32 channels.

All components share the same wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +70°C), conformal G3 anti-corrosive coating, and high shock and vibration tolerance.

Highly available and maintainable

High-speed connection to the process is ensured by (optional) redundant EBIM node controllers, each with a redundant network interface. In addition, the node controllers and I/O field devices can be supplied by redundant power supplies connected in an ‘n+1’ arrangement.

Hot swapping is a standard feature of all Valmet 8000 I/O models. For critical applications, 1-to-6 I/O module redundancy is available. Contact Valmet for details.