Customer case:

Reliable Suspended Solids Centrate Measurement

The wastewater treatment plant in Wansdorf, located in Western Berlin, is currently investing approximately 1.7 million Euros in a new plant for advanced water treatment. The Valmet LS ensures that the centrate solids do not build up and affect plant loadings upon start-up. When the Klärwerk Wansdorf GmbH was founded in 1999, it was designed to clean residential and commercial wastewater generated in the state of Brandenburg and neighboring Berlin. Wansdorf can process a maximum of 40,000 m3 of wastewater per day, with an annual volume of approximately 13.2 million m3, making it one of the largest plants in the region.

The results have proven to be reliable and we were very satisfied with the performance of the system. Also, as a side effect, the polymer consumption can also be better controlled based on the measurement results.
Carsten Muth, Shift Manager
Location Wansdorf, Berlin, Germany
Customer challenge

The objective is to continuously and reliably analyze centrate suspended solids from the centrifuge by means of the advanced centrate measurement technology.

Solution Valmet Low Solids Measurement (Valmet LS)

The Valmet LS provides automatic monitoring of the centrate, allowing the team to bypass nutrient removal if required. This is especially important during nights and weekends when no employees are at the facility.

Keywords Wastewater, Automation, Europe

Product and company names changed from Metso to Valmet. Valmet acquired Metso’s Process Automation System business and products on April 1st 2015.

Low Solids Measurement

Valmet LS, a low solids measurement, is the only meter that works for centrate suspended solids, saving polymers while optimizing the wastewater treatment.

Wastewater measurements

Valmet offers superior solids measurement solutions for wastewater treatment plants based on many years of experience and know-how. Valmet’s solids sensors provide benefits for all sludge processing stages.