Customer case:

A small but important step to improve waste water treatment plant operation

Oct 19, 2015

Recently a global producer of polymer emulsion chemicals ordered a Valmet LS measurement to enhance the operation of their sludge handling at the waste water treatment plant. To assure operation of an industrial waste water treatment plant, reliable measurement systems are required to keep the solid content to the municipal waste water plant within approved limits.

The environment is the key concern for us and covers all activity areas in our mill. This ensures that only environmentally compliant products are manufactured and the most stringent environmental safeguards are maintained during production. Valmet LS has optimized our operations, targeting minimal environmental impact.”
Mill people


Location Anonymous Chemical plant in Turkey
Customer challenge The plant was looking for a reliable total suspended solids measurement of centrate water from their sludge dewatering centrifuge.
Solution Valmet Low Solids Measurement device continuously measures the suspended solids content within a range of zero to 5000 mg/l. The measurement system deaerates, filters, and measures process solids and has self-cleaning capabilities that keep the measurement optics clean.
Results Valmet LS has optimized the mill's operations, targeting minimal environmental impact.