Customer case:

Infinikote-2 Yankee Metallizing applied at Metsä Tissue Katrinefors

Feb 12, 2019

PM35 Yankee was close to derating, and to keep up the thickness of the Yankee shell and the steam pressure, Metsä Tissue Katrinefors decided to thermal spray it. As Infinikote-1 on PM36 had run successfully, it was natural to choose Valmet as a supplier again.

Almost two years later now, we have had no problems at all with the surface and all problems we experienced with chatter marks have disappeared.

The creping efficiency has improved, so we could speed up the reel which gives us more paper and I strongly believe that this is due to the uniformity of the thermal spray coating providing a very uniform paper quality.

Overall, we are very happy with this delivery and our choice going with Valmet.“
Jonny Blom, Production Manager PM35 and PM36


Location Katrinefors, Sweden

- Even moisture profile

- Better runnability

- Less web breaks

- Less chatter marks

- To keep up with the steam pressure

- To keep up the thickness of the Yankee shell

- Less maintenance

Solution  Infinikote-2 Yankee Metallizing was applied in 2017

- Chatter marks disappeared

- Creping efficiency improved

- More production

- Very uniform paper quality

Keywords Tissue, Infinikote, yankee metallizing, thermal spraying, Europe, Sweden