Customer case:

CPMC is saving energy with Advantage DCT technology

Feb 15, 2018

CMPC Talagante is a well-organized mill comprising three tissue production lines and a number of converting lines for roll products, folded and unfolded products like napkins, facial and hankies for the Away From Home and consumer market. When they decided to go for machine number three they were looking for high production capacity but they also declared that they wanted to have the most energy efficient machine that could be found in the world at that time.

When we compared the overall operating costs, the numbers favored Valmet."
Carlos Hirigoyen, Corporate Director of Industrial Development


Location Talagante, Santiago, Chile
Customer challenge  CMPC wanted the most energy efficient machine in the world at that time
Solution Advantage DCT 200 equipped with Advantage ViscoNip press and the highly efficient Advantage AirCap Yankee hood
Results TM 3 is about 20-25% less energy consuming than our other machines when producing the same kind of grades. The low energy figures also support CMPC’s environmental strategy. From a business perspective it is very important to be environmental sustainable in a long term.

The experience from operating the ViscoNip press has convinced CMPC that the flexible pressing method provided is an efficient tool to reduce energy consumption also in other mills. That’s why they decided to upgrade their PM 11 in Caieiras, Brazil with an Advantage ViscoNip press for energy reasons.

Machine data

Type Advantage DCT200
Width 5,5 m
Design speed 1.800 m/min
Forming OptiFlo II TIS Headbox
Pressing Advantage ViscoNip press
Drying Advantage Yankee C
Advantage AirCap hood
Reeling Advantage SoftReel