Customer case:

FPC found the holy grail of soft tissue paper

Feb 16, 2018

Forestal y Papelera Concepción (FPC) had been in the paper business for more than 20 years when they decided to expand into the tissue business. At the same time Valmet released the Advantage NTT technology. FPC got excited, it was just what they were looking for, giving them the opportunity to produce something out of the landscape bringing a competitive advantage for themselves and their customers.

My dream was to, someday within years to come, produce a tissue paper with a softness of 100 TSA. That threshold is like the holy grail for us tissue producers. But I had never imagined we could do it already after six months. That’s really incredible.”
Eduardo Izquierdo, Director, FPC


Location Concepción, Chile
Customer challenge

FPC´s desire was to produce tissue paper as soft as silk, achieving a tissue softness threshold of 100 TSA (Tissue Softness Analyzer) and normally only accessible with TAD (Through Air Drying) technology. As energy is expensive in Chile, it was not realistic to start producing structured tissue using TAD process. They had to do something different.

Solution Advantage NTT tissue machine designed to swing between production of plain and textured tissue
Results Today FPC are working with 15 different customers worldwide and produce plain and textured tissue mainly shifting between three belts. Plain belt for bath tissue, fine for super soft bath tissue and coarse belt for bulky kitchen towel and super strong towel for the Away from Home market.

Tissue machine data

Type Advantage NTT 200HS
Width 5,5 m
Design speed Textured mode: 1.800 m/min
Plain mode: 2.000 m/min
Capacity 80.000 tons/year
Products Jumbo rolls, converted products
Own brand, Swan and Mi Hogar