Customer case:

Advantage NTT proves to be a winner for Papel San Francisco

Jan 4, 2016

The first Advantage NTT line was installed at Papel de San Francisco, in Mexicali, Mexico. The machine had a good start up, making saleable paper in the first couple of days. The Advantage NTT technology gives a very flexible and highly productive machine that easily can swing from production of Premium textured tissue to conventional dry crepe tissue at an even lower energy cost and increased productivity than with existing conventional tissue technology. And it just takes a few hours to swing.

In fact, I am quite confident that this is the design of the future for conventional tissue, due to the high productivity that comes with it. This is an extremely energy-efficient machine, with high dryness going into the Yankee and hood, which gives us previously unheard of productivity. We get conventional products at low energy, and textured tissue as an extra bonus if the market needs it, with a quick and easy change over.

One of the nice things about NTT is that it has limitless potential with regards to the belt design. Lots of new products can be produced by changing the belt design, so that offers high potential for the market.
Dario Palma, Operations Director


Location Papel San Francisco, Mexicali, Mexico
Customer challenge Energy efficient production with maximum product flexibility
Solution Advantage NTT tissue making concept
Results "The biggest contribution Advantage NTT has made is that our customers now see us as a complete supplier. The market perceives a company as a reflection of the product it sells, and people really like the new NTT products we are offering under our Level brand. So by raising quality with the introduction of our Level products, we've enhanced our reputation. We have been able to set prices between conventional and through-air-dried TAD premium grades, with people realizing that the Level brand gives them really good quality at a fair price" 
Juan Helu, Sales Director

Tissue Machine Data

Type Advantage NTT 100
Production  185 tons per day (plain mode)
Tissue Grades Plain tissue and textured tissue
Swing capabilities 3 hours
Paper width on reel 2600 mm
Design speed

2 000 m/min plain mode

1 800 m/min textured mode

Basis weight range on reel 12-40 gsm
Pulp Virgin and Recycled