Customer case:

Yankee Dryer Internal Upgrade Increases Drying Efficiency at von Drehle Corporation in North Carolina

May 19, 2022

Yankee Dryer Internal Upgrade Increases Drying Efficiency
The addition of 500 FPM coupled with the CD moisture profile improvement and subsequent decrease in converting rejects has led to an additional 7 tons per day of through put. This increased tonnage has been extremely beneficial to von Drehle in these times of high product demand.”
Richard “Buzz” Philips, Paper Maker Excellence Leader


Location von Drehle Corporation, North Carolina, USA
  • Poor cross machine moisture profile
  • Yankee dryer efficiency
  • Maintenance of existing equipment
Solution The von Drehle and Valmet teams partnered together to update the Yankee internal  equipment with a new Valmet double long straw design. Valmet’s long straws  condensate evacuation system provides more uniform drying of the paper in the machine direction.
  • Improved moisture profile
  • Improved Yankee drying efficiency. Before the upgrade, the machine did not have any additional drying capacity. The machine speed was drying limited at 5400 FPM. With the internal upgrade, the machine has gained an additional capacity of 500 FPM.
  • Reliable equipment
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