Customer case:

Less sheet breaks and improved sheet runnability at Sejong Mill

Nov 28, 2022

Since its foundation in 1958, Asia Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd. has specialized in the production of kraft paper, gypsum linerboards and testliner. Asia Paper is highly regarded in Korea, not only as the country's first industrial enterprise, but also for the high quality of its products and modern production processes. The machine at Sejong Mill produces liner and fluting and has a targeted operation speed of 1100 m/min.

The solution makes various future development scenarios of the line possible as bottom cylinder grooving or drilling wasn´t necessary. In addition to conversion to single fabric, we have been able to reduce number of sheet breaks in the pre-dryer section and there is a strong possibility to increase machine speed.”


Location Asia Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd, Sejong Mill in South Korea
Customer challenge(s) Customer wanted to reduce number of sheet breaks and improve runnability of the board machine BM3.
Solution Double-fabric 2nd drying group was converted to single fabric run with Valmet Web Stabilizer S. The scope included:
  • 7 pcs Valmet Web Stabilizer S
  • Engineering for dryer section and air systems
  • Existing cylinders without modifications of bottom rolls
  • Less sheet breaks
  • Improved sheet runnability
  • Potential to increase machine speed
Keywords Board and paper, Liner and fluting, Asia-Pasific
we have been able to reduce sheet breaks in the pre-dryer section”