Customer case:

Improving press efficiency at N R Agarwal PM5

Nov 13, 2019

Reduced web breaks, increased machine speed and improved dry content was achieved with the help of Valmet experts cost-effectively without expensive investment in equipment.

Rajendra Agarwal, Managing Director and Chairman at N R Agarwal Industries Ltd.
After the optimization of the wet pressing with the Valmet iRoll Portable Press Analysis and nip simulations, we can achieve the best performance from the press section. I highly recommend it to other paper mills too.”
Rajendra Agarwal, Managing Director and Chairman at N R Agarwal Industries Ltd.


Location Sarigam, Gujarat, India
Customer target

Mill wanted to improve moisture profiles and reduce web breaks. They also wanted to increase the speed but was unsure whether the press section would be able to handle dewatering at higher speeds.

Solution Valmet Intelligent Roll Solution for press efficiency included:
  • Nip force measurements for bi-nip press
  • iRoll Portable Press Analysis to see the issues with dynamic profile and recommend suitable corrective actions
  • Press simulation based on actual collected data
  • Press simulation at higher speeds and with different parameters
  • Valmet roll covers in use
  • Crown correction

The iRoll Portable Press Analysis and nip measurements revealed a huge difference between calculated and actual load in the press section. Press loads were optimized based on Valmet recommendations resulting in improved runnability and the mill has now a clear idea about the amount of water the press can handle with various grammages and speeds.

Technical data

Grades Writing and printing paper as well as copy paper
Relocated machine with wire width 4,550 mm
Speed Range of 730 to 920 m/min