Customer case:

Improved paper machine efficiency in April Riau Andalan PM2

Dec 13, 2022

The pulp and paper mill can produce up to 2.8 million tons of pulp and 1.15 million tons of paper per year. The mill uses world-class engineering and technology to produce quality pulp and paper products sold around the world. The mill operates on the principles of “lean manufacturing”, which results in efficient practices in the use of energy and water and in minimizing emissions.

Improved paper machine efficiency in April Riau Andalan PM2
The investment in modifying our calender from soft nip to hard nip was worth of it.”
Mr. Adang Supriatna, Senior Production Manager


Location April Riau Andalan, Kerinci, Riau Province, Indonesia
Customer Challenge(s) The mill wanted to optimize the process by modifying the existing soft calender to hard. Existing soft calender needed frequent maintenance mainly because of the polymer cover. Machine had to be stopped often for roll change which meant not only direct maintenance costs but also production and energy losses together with cost of covers themselves.

Modifying the calender from soft to hard.

  • Improved paper machine efficiency and runnability
  • Remarkably longer calender roll grinding intervals
  • Roll changes only in pre-planned shutdowns
Keywords Board and paper, fine paper, Asia-Pasific, Rebuild, Calender
We have been able to improve machine uptime, because we never need to stop machine for changing the polymer roll. Changes of hard rolls can always be done in preplanned shutdowns. This has been possible without compromising on paper quality.”